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IDW Publishing released Page Preview and Covers of Gears of War: Hivebusters #2 comic

IDW Publishing has released a 6-Page Preview and Covers of Gears of War: Hivebusters #2 comic, that will be on sale on October 2, 2019 as a print and digital issue.

Building on the success of the third-person shooter franchise that defined HD gaming, Gears of War is expanding with new and unique experiences developed specifically for console, PC and mobile devices. With The Coalition and franchise co-creator Rod Fergusson leading development, Microsoft Studios is tripling down on Gears of War with three new titles: Gears 5, Gears Pop!, and Gears Tactics.

The Official Synopsis of Gears of War: Hivebusters #2 comic:

The fight against the Swarm gets personal as Mac seeks to take revenge against the monsters that wiped out his hometown. But as tempers rise, will Keegan and Lahni be able to keep the team on track, or are they on a collision course with certain death? The hivebusting action continues here!

Set on the fictional planet of Sera, the Gears of War series charts the story of humanity’s struggle against an army of monstrous, fearsome and brutal adversaries through a captivating tale of hope, comradery and survival.

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Print Edition Variant Edition

The comic is written by Kurtis Wiebe, Art by Alan Quah and Cover by Alan Quah. Variant Cover by Pierre Droal.
Street Date: October 2, 2019
Pages: 32
Price: $3.99

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